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    A Clever American Thief

    Talib Al_Munawri

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    A Clever American Thief

    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:36 am

    A Clever American Thief

    Once, there was a thief who used to steal people’s pockets for living. After some time, the police recognized him and frequently arrested him, so he decided to go to the U.S.
    This thief went to the U.S, and started watching, for he was new there,and had to be patient. After three days of watching, he succeeded in stealing the first wallet, but was shocked to see a handsome man wearing fancy clothes arresting him. He thought that man was a policeman, so he apologized from him and asked him to set him free. To his surprise, that handsome American said, “I’m a thief like you and I was watching you. I want you to work with me.” Our thief happily agreed and starting working with his new friend. After six months, the American suggested that they should do their first robbery, gave the young thief fancy clothes, and they both went on.
    They entered a palace, with a key the American had bought and went directly to the room where the money was. The American got the money and asked the young thief to bring play cards. The young thief said, “let’s run away now and play in our house.” But the American yelled at him and said, “I’m the commander here.” So the young thief brought the play cards. Then, the American told him to bring whisky and three glasses, and raise the volume of the stereo so loud. The young thief did so although he was sure that he’ll be arrested. In a while, the owner of that house came in and shouted, “What are you doing thieves?” but the American didn’t care and continue playing. So the owner brought the police and asked them to arrest the thieves, but the American said, “He is lying. We were playing together, and when he loss, he threatened us to give him the money or he’ll send us to prison.” The policeman saw the three glasses, the whisky, the loud music and the thieves playing with comfort, so he said to the owner, “when you lose next time, don’t call us. Otherwise, I’ll put you in jail.”
    The American then asked the police to protect him and his friend until they got out safely, and they could run away with the protection of the police.

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