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    Work in confined space-2

    Talib Al_Munawri
    Talib Al_Munawri

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    Work in confined space-2 Empty Work in confined space-2

    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:21 pm

    work in confined space-2

    Pyrophoric materials and disposal

    In oil refineries, the major source of pyrophoric substance is
    the iron sulphide.Pyrophoric iron sulphides are a corrosion product
    that may form on the walls of vessels,tanks, towers, pipes, flare
    headers, etc which contain sulfur compounds.

    You can avoid fire

    When pyrophoric substances come in contact with air they react
    with the oxygen generating heat. If heat is not dissipated, the
    temperature would rise high enough to ignite a flammable mixture.
    So before allowing man entry potassium permanganate solution should
    be used to diffuse pyrophoric iron.Pyrophoric scales and rust
    particles containing iron sulphides shall be kept isolated from
    oxygen by blanketing with inert gas or wet with water until these
    are removed to a safe area or buried to prevent ignition.

    Pyrophoric material should be immediately wetted with water after
    removing from the vessel.

    Work in confined space-2 Iyxytzf8w0m6hoqnfev3

    Confined space - means a space that may or may not be enclosed
    or causes discomfort while working.
    Examples are pits, ditches, vessels, fire water pits, culverts,
    columns, tanks etc.
    Before entering any confined space, you must ensure the following:

    ??Supervisor must explain you the risks identified on work permit in
    local language and the precautions to you before going to work
    inside confined space.

    Work in confined space-2 7odl7kpl6rfzlni3x6kh

    You should look for proper ventilation and escape route.
    Ensure adequate ventilation of the confined space.

    Work in confined space-2 H4seqjh1f3v2faaf117

    You should not block ventilation openings.
    You should avoid fall due to slippery surface inside the confined space.
    You should handover your I card to standby person before entering
    confined space.

    Standby person should collect the I cards of the persons entering
    the confined space.

    Work in confined space-2 Uh5fbwb416l0udinpa8

    You should not ask stand by person to carry out any work, as he is there to summon rescue and other emergency services as soon he determines that the entrants need assistance to escape from the confined space.

    You should think of escape route and practice to come out (at least once) before working inside the confined space.

    You should never remove the PPE while working inside the confined space.

    Entry into the confined space should be made only after wearing
    mandatory and special PPEs.

    Work in confined space-2 2im7ux02hg673yqf1xe

    You should ensure good housekeeping inside the confined space to
    prevent trip & fall. Remove all unwanted material from the confined space.

    Avoid crowding of excess material around the escape route.
    It should be kept clear.

    Work in confined space-2 Lrniwjg62m1hp79apw9

    You should ensure that you have removed all your material from
    the confined space once the job is completed.

    You should come out of the confined space immediately without asking
    any question if asked by the stand by person.

    If you have to evacuate due to emergency, standby person will
    whistle continuously, if he wants to get in contact he will give
    2 short whistles.

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    Future Eng.
    Future Eng.

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    Work in confined space-2 Empty Re: Work in confined space-2

    Post by Future Eng. on Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:32 pm

    wow cyclops ..

    It's really a lot of information to take care of.
    here we find every thing required for this topic.

    It's really huge topic to talk about!

    Thanks indeed brother

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    Work in confined space-2 Empty Re: Work in confined space-2

    Post by confidentman on Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:09 pm

    Tank you so much.........

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    Work in confined space-2 Empty Re: Work in confined space-2

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