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    Life's Experiences



    Life's Experiences

    Post by Guest on Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:44 pm

    Have u spent 10 years in this life

    20 years?! 30 years?! 40

    This is not the ultimate question and what is important is what lessons .you have learned and how much you have gained

    I read in one of the website a statement: those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. By George Santayana

    I got a lot of lessons and I would like to share them but, of course, I won’t just give. I want to give and take. So, let us share lessons. Just I have a simple request, please do not bring wisdoms nor proverbs that u believe in but what I .want to see is some lessons you gained
    .yourself and believe in

    Actually, I wrote some of them from time to time and I would like to share some of them and I will indicate the some of the circumstances that I lived in. I won't put them all together at once, But one by one, so we can exchange

    The aim is to exchange life's experiences and to draw some of the members
    attention to them be4 they live them

    I will post the 1st one and bit by bit the others. Waiting for your participations. Go ahead members and let us share life's experiences.


    Re: Life's Experiences

    Post by Guest on Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:01 pm

    My first lesson is " Once you give don't wait to get something in return" I experienced a lot .of situations and really I believe in this statement
    I remember one time my family and I went to another a far away place for two days. It was night time when we grove to get back home. While it was raining cats and dogs; suddenly, a group of camels appeared and alhmedulalah my brother was driving with conscious. We moved and a car from the other side came and I asked my brother to give him a sign so he became more careful in driving because some camels there. He did what I asked for. Just few seconds later, we shocked with a lake of water in the road and you know how dangerous it is to drive fast in water. someone said ," we gave him a sign but he didn't" I replied, "don't wait to get something in return once you give" Work in this life based in this lesson and you will feel .happy cause Allah will reward you
    I wish you all agree with me. Waiting to read some from you
    Talib Al_Munawri

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    Re: Life's Experiences

    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:17 am

    first thanx Mss Lezy nice topic

    Life is full of experiences but you would be amazed how
    different your life has been compared to your friends.

    Absolutely wonderful. Everyone here should read this.
    I'm recommending it for Must Read. Thanks for sharing this.
    Not only do.

    I will be back


    Re: Life's Experiences

    Post by Guest on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:41 am

    thanks alot for all

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    Re: Life's Experiences

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