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Oil, gas and petrochemical process industries

    Operator's responsibility- plant production & safety

    Talib Al_Munawri
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    Operator's responsibility- plant production & safety Empty Operator's responsibility- plant production & safety

    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:17 am

    Operator's responsibility- plant production & safety

    Operators have many production responsibilities,
    including take action to prevent and solve problems.
    An activity that operators may be involved in to help
    prevent problem is preventive maintenance

    Generally, part of an operator's job involves making
    regular inspections of the equipment in the unit.
    With experience, an operator can detect early sings
    of equipment problems, such as abnormal changes in flow,
    pressure, or temperature

    Operators perform a variety of tasks related to unit
    production. Many of these tasks are routine duties that
    may seem very basic, but they still must be done properly

    Taking scheduled readings of process variables
    Somewhat less routine

    As another production responsibility, some operators
    are involved in vapor emissions monitoring. In many plants,
    operators check for vapor leaks at valve bonnets,
    piping flanges, and packing glands to find and eliminate toxic emissions

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