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    Continuous distillation & Batch distillation

    Talib Al_Munawri
    Talib Al_Munawri

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    Continuous distillation & Batch distillation Empty Continuous distillation & Batch distillation

    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Fri Dec 04, 2009 7:59 pm

    Continuous distillation is feed is sent to the still all the
    time and product is drawn out at the same time. The idea in
    continuous distillation is that the amount going into the still
    and the amount leaving the still should always equal each other
    at any given point in time.

    Batch distillation is when the amount going into the still and the
    amount going out of the still is not supposed to be the same all
    the time. The easiest example to use is like old fashioned spirit
    making. The distiller fills a container at the start, then heats it,
    as time goes by the vapors are condensed to make the alcoholic
    drink. When the proper quantity of overhead (drink) is made, the
    distiller stops the still and empties it out ready for a new batch.
    This is only a simple case, in industrial usage what goes on gets
    very complex.

    Both continuous and batch distillation are very important to industry. Continuous distillation is most often used with big
    volume products like jet fuel, benzene, plastic monomers. Batch distillation is most often used with smaller volume products and
    in plants that make lots of different things and use the same still
    for many products (in different batches).

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