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    Scattered papers


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    Scattered papers

    Post by joory on Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:26 pm

    hope you are all doing just great

    well here is few words from my black book


    Scattered papers

    Woke up one morning feeling so sad
    So down
    So angry

    Wasn’t sure of the reason
    But I am sure of what I feel

    Wired feeling
    Yet so strong
    So controlling

    As I move my hands, legs
    Trying to get off my bed

    I had this thought,
    If I wake up with a bad mood
    My day is doomed to be bad too

    So my aim was to change that mood
    Make my self smile
    Bring joy

    Perhaps a look out side will bring that joyful smile back
    I thought as I walk towards the window to open it

    As the first ray of light enter my room
    I felt this burning sensation in my eyes

    Even the sun is not so gentle on me today
    This day can’t go worst
    I thought

    I seat in bed
    Thinking of what I wanted to do
    What plan do I have for I made none yesterday?

    I decided to write
    Most of the good peaces I wrote were all the birth of pure anger, or sadness
    Some how today I feel both

    So eager to write, I decided to have a shower, have a quick breakfast and get into it

    But as I hold that pen in my hands
    I realized that all the anger
    And sadness I feel

    Were unjustified
    So they are not explainable
    They didn’t really mean anything

    Words refused to appear
    I had no writing stamina

    Nothing to make me write
    Nothing to direct my feeling towards

    For the first time I felt like this empty shell with just sadness and anger in it

    With all the trying and not being able to write half a page of anything even readable
    That is when I noticed that the sun is setting
    And I have just wasted my time doing nothing useful

    I looked around me and all I could see is scattered torn pages
    Pages that should have words to describe me
    Or the less to describe what I feel
    Instead they are empty words from an empty heart

    And right there in the middle of that chaos
    In the middle of that clash
    I took my pen
    And wrote few words

    Words that describe my day
    A day full of mix feelings,
    And a hell lot of scattered papers.

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