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Oil, gas and petrochemical process industries


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    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:47 pm

    1.What is the use of De-aerator in steam system ?

    - -to remove excess air from system

    2.Write the typical pressure range of a) Super High pressure ( SHP ) steam system b) High pressure ( HP ) steam system c) Medium pressure steam system

    a) 1000 to 1200 psig.
    b) 400-800 psig
    c) 180-200 psig
    d) 50-60 psig

    3. What is meant by a) Raw water b) Fire water

    - RW; used for all purposes throughout the plant
    - FW; used only in specific units such as boilers, and usually must be treated for purity

    4. What is meant by feed water treatment system in boiler?

    - The process by which suspended and dissolved solids are removed from the water used in a plant

    5.What is the necessity of boiler feed water treatment system in boiler? ( or Name two problems which occur in the boiler if the water is not treated )

    - All impurities be removed

    6.What causes foaming of water in boiler?

    - High concentrations of dissolved solids in boiler water

    7.What is the effect of Foaming of water in boiler or centrifugal pump?

    - carry over of impurities and deposits on turbine blades or impeller blades

    8.Name the 4 important factors which causes corrosion in the boiler surfaces.

    - Excess acidity or alkalinity,
    - High levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide,
    - High temperature,
    - Stress, or high levels of ammonia or sulfur-bearing gases

    9.Name 4 important steps of preventing corrosion.

    - maintaining pH levels in boiler feed water
    - removing dissolved oxygen from water,
    - using chemical treatments,
    - Following established out-of-service and blow-down procedures

    10.What is meant by Flocculation?

    - A term used to describe the bridging together of coagulated particles

    11.Give 2 examples for water softening agents.

    - Lime-soda
    - Soda ash

    12.What is meant by Ion exchange process?( or Demineralization Process )

    - Process that passes raw water through both anion and cation exchange resins, which results in pure water

    13.What is the use of resins in Ion exchange process?

    - To remove electrically charged particles (ions) from water

    14.What is meant by Blow down in boiler.

    - a term used to describe the process in which water is removed from the boiler system, when the suspended solids concentrate in the water is more, or chemical treatment reaches a point at which it is no longer effective.

    15.Write the 2 situations , in which blow down is to be done in boiler.

    - Electric conductivity of the water
    - The capacity of water to conduct electricity.

    16.Which property of water decides the blow down in boiler.

    - suspended solids concentrate in the water is more

    17.Name the 4 important components of refrigeration system.

    - Compressor
    - Shell and tube condenser (Cooling tower)
    - Expansion device
    - Evaporator

    18.What is the use of flare systems in process plants?

    - To safely remove excess hydrocarbons from a variety of plant processes

    19.What is meant by pressure storage tanks?

    - Pressure storage tanks are used to store volatile liquids, which have a vapor pressure greater than 18 psi

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