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    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:53 pm

    1.What is the use of cooling tower in a process plant?

    - To cool hot water for reuse in the heat exchanger

    2.Name 4 important parts of a cooling tower.

    - Splash bars
    - Drift eliminators
    - Fans
    - Air intake louvers

    3. What is meant by approach to the cooling tower?

    - The temperature difference between the water leaving a cooling tower and the wet-bulb temperature of the air entering the tower.

    4.What is meant by range of a cooling tower?

    - the temperature difference between the hot and cold water in a cooling tower

    5.What is meant by drift loss in a cooling tower. Name the part used to prevent drift loss in a cooling tower.

    - Loss of water due to wind
    - Drift eliminators

    6.Write 2 differences between Forced draft fan & Induced draft fan in cooling tower

    *Forced draft cooling tower:

    - use fan to force the air
    - have solid sides without louvers.

    *Induced draft cooling tower

    -use fan to pull the air
    - Airflow in an induced-draft tower is slower than in a forced-draft tower

    7.Identify the major heat transfer process in cooling tower..

    - Evaporation

    8.What is meant by an Atmospheric cooling tower?

    - No fan (air velocity )

    9.Write the range of wind velocity for the operation of Atmospheric cooling tower.

    - 4.5 to 6.5 mph

    10.What is meant by a Natural draft cooling tower?

    - Natural density difference of air inside & out side(No fan )

    11.Name the cooling tower which has large stack..

    - Natural draft cooling tower

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