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    most important questions in communication subject

    Talib Al_Munawri
    Talib Al_Munawri

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    most important questions in communication subject Empty most important questions in communication subject

    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:20 am

    most important questions in communication subject

    Why is it important for a technician to communicate effectively?

    Because a technician who cannot communicate effectively will eventually find him or herself politely ignored by other technicians and management.l

    What is the most appropriate method of communication? Not one

    The most appropriate methods of communication are Oral, Written and nonverbal.l

    Why are spoken messages frequently misunderstood?

    they are not clear a bout what they want to say
    the are vague in how they say it
    Their baby language contradicts their message.

    How can we avoid misinterpretation? (2ways)

    It is by retell your message aloud or gets the listener
    to restate your message after you have given it.

    Why is feedback essential to good communication?

    Because it verifies the other person has understood your
    message and allows you to react to what the listener has said and done.

    Give example of daily oral communication? (3)

    shift meetings and safety meetings
    shift change discussions that convey current
    operation information to the relief technician
    Telephone conversation with the quality control
    laboratory, maintenance or utilities.

    Why is listening as important as speaking?

    Because listening is 50 % of any oral communication.

    How can you ensure you have understood the speaker's point

    by rephrasing statement and repeating them back to the speaker

    What are the guidelines for writing documents in terms of accuracy and clarity?

    short words - short sentences
    active jargon - write the way you speak
    revise when you have finished
    cut unneeded words and sentences

    Give examples of written communications?

    memos and notes - charts and graphs
    meeting - reports
    training manuals
    written instructions
    E- mail

    Examples of non verbal communication are?

    - Body language - Facial expressions
    - Posture - Gestures
    Single - Alarm and
    The example that we give to others.

    Why is it difficult to read and control body language?

    Because it is difficult to recognize and control

    Gestures are one example of?

    Non-verbal communication.

    What is one way of showing support while someone is speaking?

    Making contact and nodding

    A hand around the throat may indicate that the listener needs reassurance (reassure)
    Closed eyes and nose pinching reveal inner confusion
    Raised eyebrows may indicate interest

    What are communication filters?

    Communication filters are perceptions that the receiver uses interpret the message received. l
    Communication filers may exist because the person receiving the message
    has a lower knowledge level
    Bias about the subject
    Or special points of view

    How can filtering affect a message?

    Filter can charge a message in ways that sender never intended or even block communication completely

    On which things good communication or poor communication effects on?


    What are the elements of good communication?

    a message sender
    the message
    a message receiver

    What are several reasons for poor communication?

    when we focus on our dislike instead of the massage
    the form of the massage is difficult to read and understood
    if the receiver has little patience so, no communication has taken place
    the receiver erect barriers on massage
    if the receiver feel strongly about a topic

    List the communication methods for the process technician?

    Note: these methods depending on the situation at hand

    What is daily operating instruction(DOI)?

    writing by the unit superintendent or operating engineer are located in the control room, include product scheduling, daily operating objectives or targets.l

    What is an operator logbook meant?

    Are logbook written passed-down information for an area of responsibility and include all information pertinent.

    What in product specification sheet meant?

    provide information about the product by the unit.

    what is standard operating conditions (SOCs) meant?

    Are the goals and acceptable ranges for the controllable variables temperature, pressure, flow, level, composition.l

    What is operating procedures manual meant?

    contains detailed for properly operating the unit and include startup, shutdown, emergency procedure and normal operating procedure

    What is unit technical manual meant?

    contain detail information about the unit process and equipment

    what is safety manual meant?

    detailed information about unit safety procedure, site safety policies and standard operation procedures (SOPs)l

    what is material safety data sheets (MSDS) meant?

    are a collection of information sheets provided by the suppliers

    what is daily operating records meant?

    it is shift reports include routine checklist completed during the sift

    What is work requests meant?

    Are used to request service and repair of process equipment and provide
    a record of the completed maintenance work each unit.

    What is standard operating procedure (SOPs) meant?

    are procedures that may not relate to the running of the unit to make product.

    The King
    The King

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    most important questions in communication subject Empty Re: most important questions in communication subject

    Post by The King on Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:30 pm

     Thanks Dear.... nice Q & answ

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