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Process Operation Technology

Oil, gas and petrochemical process industries


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    Compression of gas has one basic goal to deliver gas at a pressure higher than that originally existing.
    The inlet pressure level can be any value from a deep vacuum to a high positive pressure.
    The discharge pressure can range from sub atmospheric levels to high values in the tens of thousands of pounds per square inch.
    The fluid can be any compressible fluid, either gas or vapor, and can have a wide molecular weight range.
    Applications of compressed gas vary from consumer products such as the home refrigerator, to large complex petrochemical plant installations.


    Compressors have numerous forms, the exact configuration being based on the application. The are two basic compression modes: positive displacement and dynamic. The positive displacement mode of compression is cyclic in nature,
    in that a specific quantity of gas is ingested by the compressor, acted upon,
    and discharged, before the cycle is repeated. The dynamic compression mode is
    one in which the gas is moved into the compressor, and discharged without interruption of the flow at any point in the process. Figure 1 diagram shows
    the relationship of the various compressors by type. Figure 2 shows the
    typical application range of each compressor.

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