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    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:32 pm


    The heat that can be felt or sensed. The energy input which causes an increase or decrease in temperature.

    Heat energy that causes a rise or fall in the temperature of a gas, liquid or solid when added or removed from that material. Sensible heat changes the temperature by changing the speed at which the molecules move.

    Sensible heat is heat that is transported by a body that has a temperature higher than its surroundings.

    Sensible heat is same as enthalpy; the heat absorbed or
    transmitted by a substance during a change of temperature which is not
    accompanied by a change of state. Sensible heat is heat that is transported
    by a body that has a temperature higher than its surroundings via conduction,
    convection, or both.

    In the atmosphere, large-scale transport of heat from the
    tropics to the poles is affected by both sensible and latent heat, the first
    of which is the pole ward motion of warm air and equator ward motion of cold
    air, primarily driven by the cyclonic mixing taking place in the Ferrell cell
    in the midlatitudes, the latter of which is associated with the phase changes
    of atmospheric water vapor, mostly vaporization and condensation.

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