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    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:16 pm


    RESPONSE TO EMERGENCY Emergency_response_title_page

    To locate the emergency situation in the plant, automatic Fire Alarm
    & Gas Detection System has been installed. The fire and gas
    detection system is intended to make an early detection of a
    fire situation and gas release and to provide a warning or alarm
    of the situation in order to allow check actions, either manual or
    automatic, to minimise the probability of degeneration of
    a dangerous situation.

    The Fire Alarm System is an integrated set of subsystems. Each plant
    building constitute a subsystem with its own local fire and gas
    panel and display, located inside the building, to handle local
    detectors and alarms, detectors and alarms relevant to a defined
    process area, to report individual or cumulative alarms to the
    central fire and gas panel in Central Control Room and to a LCD
    Monitor in the CCR & Emergency Control Centre in Administration

    Manual Call Points, Public address system, Intercom and wireless
    Systems are provided in the plant for fast communication with CCR
    and Emergency Control Centre and other areas. Emergency siren is
    located in the plant and to be manually activated from CCR. Emergency
    siren will sound distinct set of tones based on the type of emergency
    being reported

    On receipt of an fire alarm or / gas leak indication or message in
    – panel operator inform to Shift supervisor and Shift supervisor
    calls Emergency Response Team and act as the Emergency Controller
    and Emergency Response Team takes the command to control fire /
    emergency and work under the guidance of Emergency Controller till
    the arrival of Fire & Safety Officer. ERT personnel are trained in
    fire fighting and rescue operation and have fire fighting skill and
    knowledge. If situation demands outside assistance from SRC Fire
    Service and SIP ROP Civil Defense fire service to be called and
    emergency siren to be blown as per the established siren tones.

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