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    Applied fluid mechanics "Questions"

    Talib Al_Munawri
    Talib Al_Munawri

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    Applied fluid mechanics "Questions" Empty Applied fluid mechanics "Questions"

    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:00 am

    What is meant by share stress?

    -The force required to slide one unit area of a layer of fluid over another layer of fluid.

    What is viscosity?

    - it is a property of fluid, which resists the movement of one layer of fluid over another layer of fluid.

    Give example of viscosity fluids?

    - Glycerin – castor oil – tar ---- have high viscosity.
    - Water – kerosene – petrol ---- have low viscosity.

    What is meant by Newton's low of viscosity?

    Ι = µ.du/dy

    What are the units of viscosity?

    - ( Pascal – second) in the SI system
    - (lb.s/ft2) in U.S. Customary system.
    - ( centipoises_ CP) in CGC system.

    Define kinematic Viscosity of fluid?

    - it is the ratio between Dynamic viscosity and density of the fluid?

    What are the units of kinematic viscosity?

    - SI unit ( m2/s)
    - CGS ( centistokes – cS )
    - U.S. System ( ft2/s)

    What are the types of hydraulic fluids?

    - ideal fluid
    - real fluid or Practical fluid
    - Newtonian fluid
    - Non – Newtonian fluid
    - Compressible fluid
    - Incompressible fluid

    What is meant by ideal fluid? Give examples?

    - Fluid which have no viscosity and surface tension are known as ideal fluids.
    - E.g. water and Air

    What is meant by real fluid? Give example?

    - fluid which have viscosity and surface tension.
    - E.g. honey and molasses

    What is meant by Newtonian fluids?

    - fluids which obeys Newton law of viscosity

    What is meant by Non- Newtonian fluids?

    - fluids which does not obey Newton law of viscosity

    Give example of Newtonian fluids?

    - water
    - oil
    - gasoline
    - alcohol
    - kerosene
    - benzene
    - glycerin

    What are the types of Non-Newtonian fluids?

    - pseudo plastic ( blood plasma, syrups, inks )
    - dilatants ( Starch in water )
    - Bingham ( catsup, mustard, toothpaste)

    What is meant by Electrorheological fluids ( ER Fluids)

    - These are fluids developed to offer unique properties that are controllable, by the application of electric current they are suspension of fine particles starch, polymers & ceramics in anon-conducting oil.

    Write Electrorheological fluids composition or components?

    - Electrorheological fluids of components such as mineral oil or silicone oil with fine particles of surface, polymers which behaves like a solid when electricity applied.

    What is meant by Magnetorheological fluids? Write it's components?

    - MR fluids contain suspended particles (fine iron powders) in a base fluid.
    - Components such as petroleum oil, silicone oil, or water.

    What is the effect of temperature and viscosity of liquid?

    - Viscosity decreases as temperature increases in liquids.

    What is effect temperature on the viscosity of gases?

    - viscosity increases as temperature increases.

    What is meant by viscosity index?

    - A factor which shows the viscosity of fluids with temperature( VI).

    What is the meaning of fluids with high VI?

    - Exhibits a small change in viscosity with temperature.

    What is meaning of fluids with low VI?

    - Exhibits a large change in viscosity with temperature.

    What is the purpose to use viscometer or rheometers?

    - measure viscosity of fluids

    What are the various types of viscometers?

    - rotating drum viscometer
    - capillary tube viscometer
    - falling- ball viscometer
    - say-bolt universal viscometer

    What is meant by capillary tube viscometer?

    - (p1 – p2) pressure difference in capillary tube
    - Determine of the pipe
    - Viscosity of fluids
    - Length of the pip

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    Applied fluid mechanics "Questions" Empty Re: Applied fluid mechanics "Questions"

    Post by LoRdBOy on Sun Feb 06, 2011 5:50 pm

    thank u dear

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