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Process Operation Technology

Oil, gas and petrochemical process industries

    Introduction to process technology

    Talib Al_Munawri
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    Introduction to process technology Empty Introduction to process technology

    Post by Talib Al_Munawri on Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:54 am

    Operator responsibilities

    Right product

    Finished product

    Specified quality requirements



    Well-being of others


    Operator activities

    Starting and stopping


    Assessing parameters




    An Operator has to stay calm, and think to solve problems!

    Batch and Continuous processes

    A process is a number of operations in a fixed order; we know batch and continuous processes.

    Batch processes

    processing in portions

    small quantities

    speciality products

    complicated chemical processes

    Continuous processes

    uninterrupted operation

    constant supply

    automated processes

    large and extremely large quantities (bulk)

    simple and easy to control

    mall functions are often more complicated

    New Process )total development can take up to 10 years)

    Development of a process

    product study

    market research

    experimental stage

    scaling up

    pilot plant

    design stage

    new plant


    Water )surface water, spring water and tap water)



    raw material

    auxiliary material



    microbial or bacterial content






    generating electricity

    power machines

    power source

    environmentally friendly

    non flammable

    non toxic

    In boilers we produce steam, the steam absorbs heat energy when it evaporates and heat is released when the steam condense

    Steam is a very good heat transfer medium because it can absorb a big amount of heat, and is very good to transport by pipelines to its destination

    There are a number of different kinds of steam

    Steam what is exactly at boiling temperature, and which no longer contains any water in de vapour fase, is called saturated steam. In practice this steam is still wet because of the tiny water particles in the steam. Water particles can contain corrosion in pipelines and in turbines, so they have to be removed by “steam traps

    If we heat saturated steam further above its boiling point we call it dry or superheated steam

    In order to prevent any water particles in machinery every equipment is equipped with a steam trap, to remove all the water particles from the steam.

    Depending on the pressure level of the steam we have

    Low pressure steam )(mentioned for drying purposes)

    Medium pressure steam )used for heat transfer
    High pressure steam (to driven turbines at 80 – 120 bar, and above 200°C)

    Compressed air)pneumatics)

    Compressed air is air at a high pressure, used for the following purposes


    flush out pipelines

    drive machines)contains a little oil to prevent friction)

    In process control, valves, it is used for measurement and control equipment

    Instrument air is dried clean air, without oil particles, mentioned for

    operating instruments

    breathing air

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